Heyo! I’m AZA.DAL or just AZA thanks for stopping by my bio!

I’ve been an aviation enthusiast for a long time and I’ve been playing IF since 2013 I remember when they came out with the 737-700 in all the liveries! I joined the IFC not too long ago and have loved it here!

My first VA was my favorite airline Alitalia virtual as well as my first VA position as event manager @johanas_kolecech has made a great VA! I am part of ACVA with @natedog508 and IFGAC with @Balloonchaser all great and welcoming CEO’s

Soccer is huge for me my favorite player is Gigi Buffon #UN1CO and team is Juventus! #Finoallefine as well as Italy #Champione del mundal 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
Well that’s it from me see you in the skies! Thanks for reading and happy landings! -AZA

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