ZZBossGaming ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Join me at KJFK right now on TS1 as I am currently controlling ground and tower!

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What server are you on @ZZBossGaming?

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He is in Training Server ;)

Edit : He has closed now though

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Sorry. I stopped because of the amount of traffic and noobs…

Nvm guys, I’m on a different airport now!

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What the point on having a tracking thread when I can’t do pattern work?
Also, cleared for immediate take off? There was no one on final on any runway.

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I’m Sorry…

what airport 20 characters

Says at the top KJFK


it also said you were at a different airport now

I WAS at KLAX and then I changed to KJFK

ahhh ok makes sense sorry misunderstanding

Suggestion: Open at airports that aren’t super busy and don’t have any noobs


That’s mainly why I decided to quite KLAX

And go to JFK which is as bad as LAX?


Northwest 11 heavy is annoying

I know right …

Actually not as bad…

You need to look at the ATC tutorials.
You have been clearing people for takeoff when another plane is crossing the runway. No pattern instructions (enter left base), only clearing them.
You never cleared me for the option, and come on! Stop the immediate takeoff command. Use it when you need to.

Keep practicing at smaller airports.