ZYYJ-RKRO: Taking the 172 Over North Korea

Today I took a 3 hour, 15 minute flight in the 172 on the expert server. I started the flight taking off from ZYYJ (Yanji Airport in Northeast China). I ended up flying through North Korea, along the border of North & South Korea and ended up landing at RKRO – Pocheon (G 217) airport in South Korea.

Here was my route:

I took off runway 27 at ZYYJ and in about 15 minutes I found myself crossing into North Korea right around Chungo Dong, which is pictured right behind the 172 in this snap:

With no idea where I was going to ultimately end up, I ended up continuing south past the Musan Iron Mine, where the terrain had become quite enjoyable:

I continued south for about another 35 minutes until I reached the coastline of Sinchang, North Korea. I hugged to coast so I could get a good look at the Sinpo Nuclear Power Plant (Sinchang on the right, Sinpo to the left):

I continued my trek south over the water until I reached Mt. Kumgang National Park, near the North/South Korean border on North Korea’s east coast:

With Mt. Kumgang in the rear view, I circled the waters that feed the Imnam Dam:

I then followed the border of North and South Korea towards the Yellow Sea.

I turned around hugged the border back on the South Korean side and eventually made my way to RKRO, flying VFR on the RKSI Approach frequency.

This was a very enjoyable flight over the Korean peninsula. Hopefully I’ll get to explore some more of it some time soon!


First of all, LOVE the Hartford Whalers profile picture.

Second: nice shots.


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Saw you on LiveFlight. Wondered what you were doing

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This is interesting! I should try this in the future.

Great shots!

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Nice shots

Go Sabre’s!

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GA all the way. Start out somewhere random with no real plans. Then follow on liveflight wherever you go and lookup these places. You get to see and learn about things you’ve never seen before. I’ll take that over a long haul any day.

Go Hurricanes lmao

Awesome pictures! I have never really appreciated the scenery in North and South Korea till now.