Zykejohn09's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EDDF

I found your aircraft at WADD

Ok fine I am coming on my way but only if my game doesn’t crash

Now spawn at VOCI

Here is your callsign

Can u control tower also pls

Yes sure of course

Get out now at WADD

Perfect I joined

2500 transition altitude

Roger @Yash_Prabhu

Are you already in active training with IFATC? Only then can one create a tracking thread.

Yes i train now in IFATC!

I have to leave the ATC Controll in VOCI and now please send your feedback

@Yash_Prabhu Send please the feedback?

Hey here’s the feedback for N74YP

Transition altitude is supposed to be 2500 more from ground level.
No cleared for the option, I am doing touch and go please do say cleared for the option instead of cleared to land.
No needed to contact Cochin ground as I said I am doing touch and go in remaining in pattern.
Good that you allowed to depart to south.
Why when I am in the air you asked me to contact ground??!?!
I don’t have to say disregard last msg it’s you who have to say it means don’t follow my last msg.
No exit runway when able why? You directly asked to switch to ground in middle of the runway???!? Good job otherwise

Also, since you are not currently open at VOCI, please change the title to closed

Thanks for you feedback and lol i can’t stop laughing on this feedback ?!?!?!?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I changed anyways what is a problem there @VH-OEJ_747?

When I sent that post, it was open

Sorry because someone call in Messenger and i didn’t change it