Zykejohn09's ATC Thread [OPENED ] @OMDB 15SEPT22

Runways: Open
Gates: Open
FBO Gates: Open
Cargo Apron: Open
Focus on Runway: Anything
Server: Training Server
Miltary Gates: Open
Date: September 17, 2022

Aircraft will used on Gates will be annouced

Dubai Ground: Opened
Dubai Approach: Opened
Dubai Departure: Opened

Airlines that may Allowed:

Philippine Airlines🇵🇭✅
Turkish Airlines🇹🇷✅
Air France🇫🇷✅
British Airways🇬🇧✅
American Airlines🇺🇲✅
Qatar Airways🇶🇦✅

Airlines that may declined:

Iran Air🇮🇷❎
Air China🇨🇳❎
Iraqi Airways🇮🇶❎
Air Libya🇱🇾❎

Opening: 4:30 PM (Philippine Standard Time)
Closing: 7:00 PM ( Philippine Standard Time)

Do you mean Training Server? There is no ATC on Casual.

Yes I mean training

Might want to change that in the post then, there is also no ATIS on the Training Server

Which ATC You want to call


Ground? Approach? Departure?

Nonono, I am just saying that ATIS is not available to be used on the Training Server

Im Sorry, May I know what this is?


I agree, this seems like something that might cause a fair bit of arguments

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Hi that any airlines will be announced if Allowed or Declined will be discuss it tommorow

Are you Under Active IFATC training?

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What problem?

Yes what Airlines are you to going from to Manila to your Route?

Im sorry but a thread dosent work like this, These threads are uses for training for IFATC and are usually supposed to be pattern work and similar things. These are not for normal flights as much as they are for training and challenges. You have to be under active IFATC training to make a thread and when you do you cant choose what comes.


You are not allowed to decline aircraft based on the airline I am pretty sure, the IFC is meant try to be fair and equal, not telling people they can not do things. This is especially the case with ATC just to keep things fair

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What you mean?

No I don’t decline some aircrafts right now

Then why declined?

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Yeah, that is not allowed pretty sure

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Do you have Pro?

Why? This is a tracking thread, A person should rather be welcoming than declining people trying to help you train. Do you know how IFATC works?

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