Zurich to Vegas Edelweiss A333 trip report

I did get this idea from @Cordale
Today I flew a 4 year old A330-300 to Vegas from Zurich
At the terminal!

Pushback/taxi to runway 32

Takeoff runway 32

Cursing over Canada

Landing 26L at Las Vegas

At the gate

This was a pretty good flight but it was really long! I do recommend this route!
Idk what my next report will be lol.


did the passengers have to long jump to get onto the aircraft ?

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Mine doesn’t show the gates Moving on replay

And yes they did

Great shots, and a recommendation, is to have a HUD interface timeout which it disappears, and hide all players display boxes and names, then you can take a photo of the the plane having GSE and animated JetBridges.


automatic legendary status

all 26R landings are illegal and should be unjustifiable

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Thank you! You never land 26R

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Only time I allow is if it’s emergency and your out of fuel and someone is using 26L and you can’t go around

I flew that Edelweiss route last year, haven’t done it again since. I passed over Greenland for some great screenies. Nice pics !! Thanks for sharing !
I think i used their FLT NO. 8002. I have to look but I think it was around 11 hours ?

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Thanks and how was the flight!?

Nice Shots! Did you butter the A330😏?

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Yea! It was pretty smooth

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