Zurich to Singapore - SWISS 77W!

Well, I headed off to WSSS after the Zurich Flyout, and here are my top pics!


Server: Expert
Aircraft: 77W
Route: LSZH-WSSS, 11:23

Rotating out of Zurich!

Climbing to Cruise over the Swiss Alps!

Cruising at FL310 over some amazing scenery!

On final Runway 2L at WSSS!

image|800x600 !

Touching down with @Thomas_Kessler parked at gate!

Parked at gate with @Thomas_Kessler


Which one was your favourite? Also, when voting please 2 and 3 the same pic.

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The moonshot is amazing🔥🔥🔥

Oh no I forgot a pic

I added it in the post too, but here it is:


Also marvelous

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Some very nice pictures! The SWISS livery always looks exceptionally nice, especially captured with the moon and the great scenery. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I agree, the SWISS livery looks so nice with the moon and the alps 🤩

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It absolutely does :)