Zurich to Rotterdam New Video, Check it out

Check out my new video which I have uploaded on my youtube channel! Please subscribe for more. Feedback would be lovely :)


This is a nice, simple video! Love the music too. Great work! 👍

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Nice! But,

Land with Flaps full and,

Use the Rudder!!!

Apart from that it was a great video :)

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Actually you don’t have to land with flaps full. I have seen some flights that don’t use full flaps. It all depends on the weight and the length of the runway


Yeah, I know the 737 usually lands with flaps 30 unless its heavy or something to use flaps 40

Rudder control is definitely one of the most important things to control when flying the B737.
The B737 easily drifts off from the runway’s centreline during takeoff and landing, so make sure to use the rudder.

None the less it is great to see video producers in IF!

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