Zurich Planespotting

Hello all, today I’ll be plane spotting at Zurich, hope y’all enjoy

Be gone mini mods

Server: solo
Aircraft: various
Route: various

Swiss Airbus A330-300 going to Montreal

Air Canada Boeing 787-9 coming from Toronto

Swiss Airbus A220-300 going to London

Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900 going to Doha, Qatar

Swiss Airbus A319 going to Milan

Edelweiss Airbus A330-300 coming from Maldives.

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 preforming a go around

Same A350 landing.

Turkish Airlines Airbus A350-900 diverting due to medical emergency

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Also I have a live thread where I do polls and WIPS of my screenshot topics, and I also take requests via PM :)


3 is very nice! The A220 is the best aircraft! (@AvioesEJogos I call upon you to get triggered)

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3 is easily one of the worst photos I’ve seen. Not only does it feature that horrendous trash, but the framing is awful as well.

This is amazing! Lovely pics! Well done!:D

That first one tho 🤌

Excellent pics!

Don’t know when reversers became part of a normal takeoff roll but other than that good photos


Coming from Maldives, thank you!

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Very cool planespotting @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek! I was just about to post a Zurich planespotting but I guess I will just have to do my second most voted airport! But this is still very good!

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