Zurich (LSZH) to Houston (KIAH) in a Swiss A330-300, and being intercepted by a fighter

A few screenshots of my little adventure flying across the pond from Switzerland to America. A lot of firsts here - this was the first time I flew the A330-300 on a long haul, the first time I got intercepted by a random (probably troll user) fighter jet descending into KIAH for no reason, (user Henry Mau, callsign LH400 Super, I’m looking at you) and featuring my first ever moonshot!
Hope you like it!

Callsign: Swiss 49 Heavy
Route: LSZH - KIAH
Time: 10 hours 54 mins

Rotating outta LSZH, runway 28, with a nice golden sunrise

Banking to the left, getting on course towards the western end of Europe. What a view of the Swiss Alps right from the airport itself!

Flying out towards France and the Atlantic, over the scenic and beautiful Alps

Step-climbing my way up to my cruise altitude of FL380

My first ever moonshot! Hope you like it!

After about 10 hours of flying, beginning my descent to 18,000 feet before getting in touch with Houston Approach. In comes a random fighter jet to intercept me (and everyone else heading to Houston apparently).

Passengers looking out, wondering why we’re being escorted. Captain wondering the same.

The fighter escort has been called off (aka ghosted)! On final approach into George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston (KIAH)

Parked safe and sound at the international terminal, right next to a British Airways 747.


Beautiful shots, hope it was a great flight!


Thank you! It was a really nice smooth one!

Great pics!
This photo is amazing! ⬇️

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Thank you! I have a new-found respect for people who take good moonshots now haha.

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The SWISS livery is amazing and you show it very well! Just the SWISS Cross missing from the wingtips… Great moonshot too. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much! The cross is there on the wingtip sharklets though! Look closely and you will see.

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Yeah, but only on the outside and not the inside, which would make the wing view look even better.

Ah yes! I miss that too, definitely

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its on the outside, however, on the real livery, its on the Inside of the Wingtip aswell

Great shots though, love the pics

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Yes, I definitely miss having that on the inside of the wing. Thank you so much!

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same, as a Swiss Citizen, I hope, that in a possible full Rework someday, they will correct the Livery…


Great pics specially the moonshot! Hope they were a lot of 🍫onboard!

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Haha! Thank you so much! takes a bite of my super sized Lindt bar

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Lovely moon shot!

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Thank you!

Woahh!! this is perfect!

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😁😁thank you!

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Amazing photos! The shot of the two tails is brilliant!

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Thank you so much! Haha, I saw the other aircraft taxiing behind me so I didn’t end the session until they had parked. Had that shot in mind from the get-go.

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