flight number: LX288

Flight time: 20 Minutes

Route: Zurich-Innsbruck

server: Training server

parked at gate

lined up and ready to takeoff runway 32

climbing to 20000 feet

cruising at 20000 feet

descent into Innsbruck

safe landing in Innsbruck

thanks you hope you enjoyed.

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Hi there! I believe this belongs in #screenshots-and-videos

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i hope you enjoy it

Hey! Looked like an awesome flight. This pictures would be better suited for the #screenshots-and-videos category. However, all HUDs, sidebars, aircraft/airport tags, etc. should not be seen. You can find the rules here: About the Screenshots and Videos Category - UPDATED

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Hey there! You are only allowed to post in the #screenshots-and-videos category once a day. This is the third time you’ve posted these exact pictures. As @Thunderbolt mentioned, please check out the category rules. Cheers!

i see other people show the aircraft sorry tho

Meant the aircraft tag, it’s the two lines of text above other aircraft with callsign, display name, altitude, and speed information above the aircraft.

However, I don’t see it in your photos. Just the airport tags, sidebar, and landing aid.