Aircraft and livery: Swiss air A321

route: Zurich to Innsbruck

flight time: 20 minutes

flight number: Swiss air 111

server: Training server

parked at gate Dock E gate 20

Lined up on runway 32 ready for takeoff!
swiss ready for take off|800x600

Taking off off runway 32

Cruising at 20,000 feet

Descending into Innsbruck

safe landing in Innsbruck on runway 8

Thank you i hope you enjoyed.

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Those are some great photos, but please be sure to follow the guidelines of this category. You are not allowed to have the HUD showing on any photos.

Also, please avoid posting duplicate topics.


sorry im new

Welcome to the community then!

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Cheers mate.

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thank you ok

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Did you do some research on your callsign before using it? LX111 was a flight from New York to Geneva that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean and everyone lost their lives on that flight sadly. I don’t now if this is just a coincidence but please do some research before using a random callsign next time. You never know.

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i know it about that crash lx111 i wanted to use it anyways

It doesn’t seem like you’re paying much respect to the victims of the crash. I don’t see what’s the fun with using the same callsign as a flight that crashed. It’s not a good thing, it’s a tragedy.

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