Zurich Flyout! - Photos!

Hello everyone!
As some of you may know, me and @GBKarp held a Zurich Flyout yesterday, and with lots of pilots and ATC, it was so fun. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Now, lets get into the photos!


Server: Expert
Time: 21Z
Airport: Zurich/LSZH

So, to start off with, here is tail shot from Terminal E!

A shot of @SunDown, @Thomas_Kessler, @tunamkol and @CPTWilliam at TE!

Now, lets move onto Terminals A and B. Here is an overhead shot of @GBKarp, @GameBoy_KIRB , @IF-Mallorca, @CallumH03, @Vadim and 2 other pilots at Terminal B!

@GBKarp waiting at gate with @CallumH03 and @Vadim!

A SWISS A319 and A321 waiting at gate at Terminal B!

Now, here is @Joel in the MD11 and @Nee in the 77W, both holding at Cargo Gates!

@tunamkol rotating out of Zurich!

@SunDown Lining up runway 16 as @tunamkol retracts gear!

Meanwhile, there are some long takeoff queues at Runway 28!

Well, this is it. Special thanks to @Z-Tube and @Antoine_Turrian for the amazing ATC service!

Which one was your favourite?
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Stay safe everyone!


Really cool shots!

All of them are beautiful, but 8🔥🔥🔥🔥

Just 😍😍😍😍😍

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