Zulu Time

I always see zulu time in envolved in IF but o don’t understand it.Please tell me what it means in commants!

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Here is a helpful link which will allow you to convert between ZULU time and your local time. Or instead of your local time, you can convert to another time of your choosing.


ZULU Time, UTC, and GMT are all the same. So if you see any of those letter combinations, just know that that’s where the worlds time starts.


Adding to what Matt said, Zulu time is the time at longitude 0 degrees 0 minutes - the prime meridian or longitudinal line that separates East from West in the world geographical coordinate system.


Thx guys for the help

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Zulu time is also known more commonly as Greenwich Mean Time. It is the basis for all time around the world. Say you want to convert to EST, you would add 4 and you would get the time in AM/PM, and if it is PM, you add 12 to your number. Hope this helps!

You wake up me for the notifications of the phone but don’t worry haha just put on Google "my Zulu time* and that’s all :) happy landings

Remember that some countries in the world has Daylight Saving Time and Standard Time which they switch between. Unlees you live in a country that switches twice a year then this doesn’t apply to you but Zulu Time a.k.a Greenwich Mean Time never changes. But countries with switching time zones will change in the regard to Zulu. A example is that Sweden is 1 hour ahead of Zulu in winter but during summer it’s 2 hours ahead.

Zulu is at the base =0, so all other time zones are either behind or ahead of Zulu Time. New York is currently 4 hours behind Zulu.

And if you go to Google and search for your own or any other time zone for that matter then you’ll notice that below the given time there within parentheses it’ll say (GMT- or + then a number which tells you how many hours behind or ahead of Zulu your time zone is, the one that your searched after on Google.

So if you now go ahead and searh New York Time Zone, it’ll say = (GMT-4), stating New York is 4 hours behind Zulu right now.

Hope this helps you understanding Zulu a bit better and how other timezones are affected by it :)

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What is Zulu time first of all?

Zulu time is basically the local time of the prime meridian (longitude) of Earth. It is the local time of Greenwich, England, the city where the prime meridian goes through. I am in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) right now and I am 7 hours behind Zulu time. That means PDT is GMT -7


Looks like you have more than enough information to learn all about Zulu time. I’m glad the community responded quickly and with good information.

Estou aprendendo a voar , e por enquanto estou voando só, porque não falo inglês e não tenho como entender as instruções pra voos comandados.

Zulu time is the same with UTC +0, so next time you see Zulu time just think of “What time is it at London?”

Zulu time is the local time of london, I have no idea why they use it

For all american who aren’t sure. West coast is PST BEFORE Spring’s Daylight Savings period. We are now PDT. Mst is not MDT and etc. It is confusing but just to clarify

Thx guys you all helped me alot

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