Zulu Time Question

So if I put 2200z I should be fine for the time of the event correct?

yes,itll be fine

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Thank you so much

Check Google first, it’s your best friend if you don’t know what’s up. There’s no need to continuously be posting on the forum about small questions that Google could answer for you! :)

Zulu time is UTC +0. Just think what time is it in London

@dylonez and @Famamam_Gamer

The question is already answered. Make sure to read first before posting, thanks!

The website above displays the current ZULU Time. The Time in UTC is +1 Hour ZULU. When it is 1200Z, it’s 0100 UTC.

Already read it! Thanks anyway, but I was just letting him know that Google could be their best friend with answering aviation related questions. :)

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Example Here Is 20 Hours From Sao Paulo Time And The Zulu Time Of Flight It’s 22 Hours Here You Have To Add Two Hours Of Time (That’s From My Of Sao Paulo) And the Flight Schedule is 24pm Hours From Sao Paulo Time

Sulu time is your time

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