Zulu Time Question

Hi I have a question if it’s 6:00pm what time would that be in Zulu time ?

Thank you sorry I’m new to this I don’t know about Zulu Time in this moment thanks again

Thank you for your time


What is your time zone?

6 PM where? New York? Amsterdam?

New York 👍🏽


Check this out.


(Current Time)


That would be 2200Z

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Look this:

You will understand it, better!


Thank you 👍🏽

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Guys so many of the same answers remember when it’s answered it’s answered.


I agree with you!

Zulu time is the time all other time zones are based off basically and it provides a base time to compare things to, Zulu can also be said as Greenwich time ( Greenwich is the town/timezone area where Zulu time is based) and UTC (Universal time coordinated)


You could always look up and then make a chart on a piece of paper or even using a notepad app on any device that has it.

Because I’m planning to do a event eventually so I’d put 2200z for Zulu Time when the event starts correct?

I don’t want to break any rules thanks again for your time

You can always put your timezone, or a timezone of most of your users

So basically I could say that the event starts in 2200z in New York time zone?

No, you could say it starts [time] and whatever the initials for Eastern Time

I live in NY too. My trick is, right now, until daylight saving time ends, the Zulu time is always 4 hours ahead of NY. So 2200Z is 6pm New York time

Ok so for New York it’s 2200z and for Amsterdam time zone what would that be ?
Because when I do an event I need to put all time zones so there is no confusion

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Zulu time is the same everywhere.

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Ok you’re right

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