Zulu time is the same as Local time

I have noticed Zulu (sim), and current (sim) time are the same. The current time based on the actual time of the day isn’t changing based on when I change the time of the day prior to flying. Rather, the current time in the specific time zone is “stuck” and matches the same time as Zulu (sim).
I cleared cashe and nothing changed. Any idea what maybe causing this issue?

I’m a bit confused but I’ll try to help.

Are you at an airport with a GMT time zone? If so, your current and Zulu times will always be the same.

Does this mean current time (real) or (sim)? If it’s real, it won’t change because your time IRL didn’t change.


@AndrewWu, The local time of the sun isn’t changing… just matching with the current time in Zulu.

Does it do it on Live too or just Solo?

I only have solo. this is on solo mode.

Just checked my solos and it seems okay. Does this happen at all airports?

It might be because, in part of the world. Zulu time is the same as local time

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