zulu time incorrect

For some reason the displayed zulu time is only 12 hrs different from my local time regardless of location.

Your location changes? You’re time zone might be set to one place instead of updating automatically

No sorry I mean I use different regions and the zulu and local times are always 12 hrs out.

Local time is where you are physically located, not where you’re flying (can someone verify this?)

Zulu will always stay the same. So yes, you’re probably in a UTC +12 time zone.


It’s local time. If you fly from London to NY the departure time is local London time then the arrival time will be NY local time. (Last thing airlines want is let the passengers convert the time, there will be big fight on the plane about who’s right ;).

Oh sorry about IF local time, you are right I think it’s physically related. Like if you fly over city you see local time on in-flight infotainment.

It should be the regions local time not your local time shouldn’t it?

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ZULU is one hour behind from UK

Only during the summer months I think

Yes, as noted by @Cjnapas the UK is currently on British Summer Time which is UTC+1 so we are currently 1 hour ahead of Zulu. BST is only between March and October, so in a few weeks we go back an hour and will be on UTC until next March.

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Zulu is same as GMT but now we are on DST.

Zulu is UTC so the same everywhere. Airlines use Zulu behind the scenes to avoid issues of time zone changes. If you look at flight plans or on an FMC the times are all UTC times. So the current time is 1528Z and that is the same whether I am standing in the UK, Australia, or ths US.

Local times when quoted is exactly that, local time. Flight departure and arrival times as shown on booking sites are always local times.


you are right about everything then it’s like let’s confuse everyone more :p ok people UTC, ZULU and GMT are all the same. It’s close enough based on uk time but in summer UK time get moved 1hr forward for day light saving, DST.

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Zulu is the way of showing that the time you are discussing is the UTC time, i.e. if I talk about 1800Z I mean 1800 UTC time. In the UK we are on BST at the moment which is UTC+1. So local time is 1703 but UTC is 1603Z.

UTC superseded GMT, UTC and GMT are the same.

Ok sorry everyone I’ll explain it properly. I live in Auckland which is 2 hrs ahead of Sydney and when I put zulu and local time on (this is on advanced server by the way) local time shows my time and zulu time is 12hrs different.

Up to two days ago that was correct. Auckland was UTC +12 hrs. Therefore, before 27 September your local time was 12 hrs ahead of UTC/Zulu.

However you are now on Daylight Saving Time (DST) since Sunday so your clocks went forward one hour. UTC obviously remained the same, so your local time is now UTC/Z +13 hrs.


Looking forward to say goodbye to BST and have normal time so I can calculate ZULU time wayyyyyy easier

Thank you @ATK and @GatwickGuy local time is your device location zulu time is constant (no daylight saving times).