Zulu time conversion

Can someone tell me how to convert Zulu time to local time?

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Is a tool many use.

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I don’t know how to use it.

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How am I supposed to read this?

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find your time zone and read across from the time you need to convert

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I need a tutorial about this

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Hello Philippe, it seems you live in Montreal according to your profile. If that is correct, using the website @Chris_S linked, I was able to figure out that you are -5 hours back from Zulu, also known as UTC time. You might have to do a little math to convert but I will provide an example. An event starts at 2300Z, you would subtract 5 from it because you are -5 hours, this leaves us with 1800z. You will now convert 1800Z to 12 hour time, by subtracting 12, you only need to -12 if it is above the number 12. You are now left with 0600, or 6 AM which would be the time of an event in Montreal time.


Take a look at this link.


Use the map to find which band you live in. The numbers at the bottom show your time zone offset. For example, I am -6 which means I am 6 hours behind ZULU time.

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At your place it’s about 2.30 pm. Which makes 7.30 pm zulu.

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But how do I know if it’s pm or am?

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It is based on 24 hours, so 0000 to 1159 is AM, and then 1200 to 2359 is PM. That shouldn’t matter though, because it is the same time for every region.

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So if an event starts at 2300z, I just substract 5 and it gives me 1800z which is 6pm?

Yes, I forgot to mention, after you subtract 5 if it is 1200-2400 is will be PM and then the opposite of the pie will be AM. I just subtract 12 because it helps me get the exact time, but not AM or PM, AM and PM is based of the the furst subtraction.

And how do I do the opposite? Current time to Zulu time?

Just reverse the math. Instead of subtracting 5, add 5.

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So 2:50 pm gives me 1950z. Is that correct?

That is correct.

0250+0500= 0750

0750+1200 (Because PM) = 1950.

Yep, I think that is correct.

Last check, 1900z = 2:00pm?