Zulu time check

How to calculate Zulu time? when I searched it on google it is showing me numerous time and I’m confused.

Hi, Antonio! I personally use this UTC Time Conversion Chart, but that one is just for the Americas.

If you want to calculate without the chart, I’d suggest using this:

Simply find your country, take note of the time offset, and do the math. For example, I live in California (PDT). PDT is 7 hours behind UTC. If my local time is 13:00, I would add 7 hours to get 20:00 Zulu.

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Another good way is to find the current Zulu time, compare it to your time, and see the time difference, so you can just use simple maths to remember!

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A third awesome way is to go under google and type “current Zulu time”

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how to do that? can you give some example? I’m very eager to learn how to calculate it

is that the same with the posted time zones for multiplayer flights? I want to participate with others for quite a time

So I prefer to use 0000Z as a reference point, and see what my time (in military time is relative to the Zulu time), and then work from there. I know that 0000Z is 2000 EST for me, so there is a four hour difference. And then i can just add 4 to whatever my current time is and voila! If you want to try it, right now is 0406Z.

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Yep! All group flights are posted in Zulu time. What time it is for you 13:07? (1:07pm)

it is currently 12:07 pm here in the Philippines

0000Z would be 0800 local time for you

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So right now it’s 4:07 am in Zulu time. So it’s an 8 hours difference. So to go from the Philippines to Zulu time subtract 8hrs. :)

So you are UTC+8

What Tyler said ^. I can’t summarize 🤦‍♂️

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I get it now. Thank you!

Adding on to what the others have said, tho it may not be as relevant or useful to you, you can have the Zulu time shown at the bottom of your screen in Infinite Flight.

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Answered above, thanks 😊