Zulu Events

Can someone please help me understand Zulu a little bit more?

Here’s the Zulu/Event time I will be using as an example:

As far as I’m aware this means the event is on September 7th at 20:00 Zulu time, aka 3 PM CDT. But can someone please explain what the SEP16 means? Because I am confused on if that is the date or if the 7 at the front is.

September 2016.

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Ahaha @Bluepanda900 I see you everywhere 😂

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LOL thank you so much! I don’t know how I didn’t think of that haha. I appreciate the fast reply!

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You’re welcome 😀

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Read all about it here:

The correct way to say it is 072000ZSEP16.

07=Day of month
2000Z=Time (in Zulu)

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