Zulu ETA On the Status Bar

The title says it all. An Estimated Time of Arrival option on the status bar, I think, would be a great addition to IF because you will easily be able to tell what time you will arrive at your destination (obviously). We already have current Zulu time, Estimated Distance, and Estimated time enroute, but we don’t have this. Go ahead and cast your vote, and if you think this is a bad idea, feel free to complain in the comments 😊

I wouldn’t see why we should do this, obviously, i’m not trying to sound mean or anything, but cant you just put you ETA to dest into the hours from now calculator and find out your ETA?

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Also wouldn’t the ETA be based on the aircraft’s speed? The time will change when increasing and decreasing speed.

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I didn’t know that was a thing :/

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Yes, since the ETE is based on the speed as well

If you use LiveFlight you can check arrival time there :)

Free on AppStore and google maps play store