Zuhair_Al-ajmi's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello all*
I will schedule when I will be available at ATC.
So if there are people who want to fly for long trips with radar activated, I will do so to meet your needs “to and from airport”.
You are free to choose "your aircraft type and your flight plan"

This week’s plan will be.
From [Kuwait International Airport] To [Leonardo Da Vinci Airport].
The airport radar in ‘Kuwait’ will be active for two hours, then the radar for ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ will be opened for two hours as well.

Radar list:


Kuwait international airport
[Ground/Tower] : @Zuhair_Al-ajmi
[Approach/Center] : N/A


Leonardo da Vinci Airport
[Ground/Tower] : @Zuhair_Al-ajmi
[Approach/Center] : N/A

I hope there will be some compliance with radar orders to regulate traffic between planes as in the Expert Server.
Display Name: IF-Captain Zuhair

Server: Training

Anyone wanting to help me with a radar [Approach/Center]

tell me

OP Requested closure