ZUGU has been fixed!

We all know ZUGU (Guangyaun Panlong) Airport, the airport where something went wrong in development that meant that meant it was suspended thousands of feet above where it should be. The famous glitch granting users of Infinite Flight the ability to go to space.

The ground at the airport is completely ghost meaning that if you fly into it, you go straight through. This led to people flying their jets through the airport at high speed going through the airport and then into the ground. From there, you could then go hundreds of thousands of feet below sea level. Eventually, you would be shot up out of the ground and then into space, millions of feet above the ground. you were able to get a full view of the earth that we live on, in Infinite Flight.

Anyway, the other day I was messing around with Infinite Flight trying to get funny/cool screenshots: so I thought I should go to ZUGU Airport to go to space. Of course, this wasn’t the first time I’ve been to ZUGU airport. But this time, when I spawned there in an f-22 I found that the airport was no longer up in the sky, it was on the ground, where it should have been from the start.

Honestly, I think the developers should have left this glitch. Ever since it was found shortly after global was released, it has sort of had a bit of fame behind it. Although there is a brand new way to get to space, I won’t show how to do it here. If you want me to show you how, tell me below! What do you think? Should they have done this and should they put the glitch back? Let’s have a discussion below!

Before: (picture by @UA.Aviation)

After: (photo by me)

Thank you for taking the time to read this topic! As it took me time to write :)

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This was fixed with the recent Scenery Update.

I honestly don’t see the reason behind this post. Infinite Flight strives for realism, and this ruins that.

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Yes… 🤭