ZUDC procedure

Good evening/afternoon/morning.

Does anyone have a chart or procedures for Daoching Yading ?

Many thanks


Haven’t been able to find any publicly-accessible up-to-date ones.

(Navigraph Charts doesn’t even have the airport which is…interesting…)

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Thanks anyway

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I believe this might help you
Screenshot 2024-03-24 8.39.31 PM

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Why are you including information and approach plates for an airport completely unrelated to what the original poster is asking for? If you don’t have or don’t know the answer, don’t respond. And if you do, your response should actually match what’s being requested.

To actually answer the question, Chinese authorities don’t provide public data for many airports. For these smaller airports especially, it’ll be extremely difficult to find anything about them. ZUDC is one of those airports where you won’t find anything really outside of the CAAC and/or Chinese airlines.


Oh ok thanks for correcting me