ZSPD Rwy 35R aircraft sink

Anyone would like to try to take off from ZSPD rwy 35R now and advise if experiencing the aircraft sinking into the ground?

have tried 2 times and results were same.
i tried using aircraft A330, weight 185,035 kg (35kg above MLW)


Restart your device and if that doesn’t work reinstall the app.

I did restart the app and even the device before 2nd attempt, want to know if this happened to someone else before doing a reinstall because I never experienced this before.


Usually this clears up with a restart however, sometimes reinstalling is the last resort and should resolve the issue.

I’ve taken off from there twice now in the last 2 minutes with different devices. I’d recommend reinstalling the app.

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ok thanks for trying and for your advise @Levet, reinstalling it now, hope this clears up the problem.