ZSPD Area (Shanghai)

Hey! I just kind of wanted to address that when I fly my long haul flights and I come in for a descent to ZSPD, the graphics are really low and is hard to tell what’s going on. If they could potentially be improved that’d be greatly appreciated, thanks!


There is a global scenery update coming that will improve the graphics in other parts of the world, in case you want to fly there. :)

It might also be something on your end, so go into your settings and toggle things to see if it changes anything.

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It is that the HD Sencery doesn’t is there.

Alright, sounds good, thank you!


I did a flight to ZSPD yesterday and graphics were totally fine during my approach. Can you describe it a bit more detailed?

No, it’s just that the remaining low quality regions - South America and south east Asia - will now have the HD graphics which cover everywhere else.

Yes, I realized my mistake. Will edit that now. Thanks!