ZSPD Apron NO Pushback needed

Dear ATC Controllers,

everybody is requesting for pushback on these positions which is not needed. They are designed
for taxiing out. Even when i requested taxi after engine start i got told " pushback approved".




Nevermind. These are the gates at the not yet in use concourse. I don’t know how aircrafts taxi out of there.

Could you say they could be both used for taxi and pushback?

I’m not sure. I think in that case they might be both taxi and pushback.


I dont see any reason not to taxi out there…


@Lufthansa061 The problem is more to do with how vague the map is currently for ground controlling without taxiway layouts etc. Especially when its busy like right now, aircrafts which are away from the tower cam don’t render, making controllers rely more on the map than actually see through tower cam whether an aircraft can only pushback or can taxi straight out from the stand. What makes matters worse is how some pilots request taxi when parked at a proper gate. Trust issues ;) Thanks for pointing it out though.


I get what you mean, i have to admit i didnt know you are just using a map view.
On the other hand especially when its busy this layout has great advantages over an apron position where a push back is required. Just start engines and request for taxi, saves time and reduces communication. But of course, i followed his instructions and didnt answer “unable” or “standby” ;)


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Hey I’ll tell u why I issued the pushback command in a sec

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