Zshc Tower ignoring all departures aircraft since 10 min what happening?

Hi, anybody any idea why ZSHC tower El al J Rogers keeps ignoring all departures since 10-15 min.? Simply no reply to anybody. Tried to find the controller to pm but don’t find him. ? People keep calling for departure. He communicates with arrivals only. Strange…

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I was IAV207, I was waiting there for 15 minutes…
Left the game.

Is this on expert or Training?

Expert server

He’s having connection issues. Working on it.


But I’m listening in on both servers, and he is responding within seconds on ground, and he immediately responds to landing aircraft… there were a couple

He’s having aircrafts disappearing. So some messages is probably getting through to some.

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Ah, that makes more sense, thanks.

Another controller will be taking over now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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In these case, if the controller isn’t answering, is it ok to depart without permission?

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Nope. It’s not unless directly communicated through a topic like this or DM.