ZR Second Contest Event [EXTENDED]

Hi there IFC! After encountering some unexpected technical difficulties with my original post, I have decided to extend my second contest “Longest Narrowbody Flight” here so everybody can continue to compete. Enjoy!

Congrats @anon70772274 for being the most active and successful contestant!


top 15 record of each aircraft family will be listed here

Airbus A320 Family (A318/319/320/321)
@anon70772274 A321(SL) YSSY-VTBU 13h2m
@AdamCallow A321(SL) HECA-KDCA 12h20m
@virginatlantic28 A321(SL) EFHK-VHHH 12h19m
@Captain_Tank A321 EGLL-FIMP 10h48m
@zooroo_fpv A321P2F(SL) LGAV-RJTT 10h15m
@AirSerene A321(SL) BIKF-OMAA 8h36m
@IFliPlanes A318 EGLC-KJFK 7h57m
@zooroo_fpv A320 VHHH-YBBN 7h52m
@Elvan_MakoTo A320 LFBO-KJFK 7h34m
@NathanD A318 KJFK-EGLC 6h35m
@KGJT-9149 A320(SL) PANC-RJAA 6h28m
@InfiniteFlight48 A321(SL) KPHL-EGLL 6h13m
@Suhas A320 KBOS-KSAN 5h50m
@Qantas094 A318 EGLC-CYYG 5h18m
@bcc.123 A320 CYYZ-TNCA 4h1m

Boeing 717 Family (717-200)
@anon70772274 B712 YSSY-YPTN 5h25m
@zooroo_fpv B712 RJBB-VTUW 4h51m
@Charles_L B712 YPPH-YPAD 2h47m
@KGJT-9149 B712 KDEN-KIAD 2h25m
@anon70772274 B712 YSSY-YMHB 1h55m

Boeing 737NG Family (737-700/800/900)
@anon70772274 B739 YSSY-VTSF 13h9m
@AdamCallow B739 KJFK-PHNL 11h17m
@Takahashi B738 KLAX-RJTT 11h11m
@zooroo_fpv B737SF NTAA-KIAH 8h58m
@anon2063420 B738 LFPO-KCLT 8h57m
@Linox B738 ENGM-KJFK 7h28m
@CarlosFunes B738 KMIA-SBBR 6h50m
@Suhas B738 MPTO-KSFO 6h49m
@Lucas_Piedra B738 SUMU-MPTO 6h43m
@anon57683537 B738 MPTO-SCEL 6h35m
@Lucas_Piedra B739 KFLL-KSEA 6h34m
@Lucas_Piedra B737 KEWR-KOAK 6h17m

Boeing 737 BBJ1/2/3
@Koby_Thomas B737(BBJ1) YSSY-KJFK 15h52m
@UnitedFlyer777 B737(BBJ1) SPQU-OIIE 15h39m
@anon57683537 B737(BBJ1) KCOS-ENGM 9h43m
@Suhas B737(BBJ1) EGGW-KDEN 9h10m

Boeing 757 Family (757-200)
@anon70772274 YSSY-WSSS 10h1m
@Emiel_l B752 ESSA-KJFK 8h20m
@steven_lowe1 B752 KJFK-ESSA 7h51m

Embraer E-Jet Family (E170/175/190/195)
@anon70772274 E195 YSSY-WAEE 9h2m
@Suhas E175 KPDX-KDAL 3h28m
@KGJT-9149 E190 KGJT-KJFK 3h12m
@KGJT-9149 E170 KGJT-KDCA 3h4m

Bombardier CRJ Family (CRJ2/7/9/X)
@AdamCallow CRJX LFBO-OKBK 5hr22m
@Sunseeker58 CRJ7 KIAH-KBOI 3h30m
@KGJT-9149 CRJ2 KATL-KGJT 2h56m
@anon57683537 CRJ7 KIAD-KSAV 1h20m

DHC Dash 8 Q400
@anon70772274 YSSY-NZNV 7h42m
@AdamCallow DH8D YBBN-YPPH 6h56m
@Lucas_Piedra DH8D BGGH-BIKF 2h48m
@zooroo_fpv DH8F TJSJ-MKJP 2h7m
@anon57683537 DH8D EDDF-LOWI 55m

As usual, you’ll need to provide an evidence photo showing “1 landing” for your record(s) to be listed. Thanks for participating.


So frustrated right now as my phone is getting too old so my phone/IF crashes not allowing me to do many flights about 2 -3 hrs.

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Time for a new one.

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@nincombop so happy my phone lasted the whole flight! New record for the 717, YSSY - YPTN. Could fly to Darwin but didn’t want to risk it.


Congrats @KGJT-9149 for making an 8:10 A320 flight from PANC to ULLI! Unfortunately I’m unable to edit the post again.

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Here is the log book for clarification,

And the flight path,

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So all I have to do is show that I have completed the flight and then it would get listed?

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All you have to show is a screenshot of your flight with flight time and route.

And one landing.

What do you mean by “one landing”

Like do I have to screen record my landing or…like how do I proof the “landing”

Yes make sure in the HUD it says “landings: 1”.

OMG I just realise I forgot about the CRJ record. This will be my last record on this phone cause I can’t do 15 hour flights anyway (getting a new phone soon).

Wish me luck. I’m going to go for another A319/20 record flight after the success of ANC-LED on the 320.

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