Zouritte974’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Server: Training
Airport: KVAD
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Runways: 36L and 36R

Time: 08.29 1930Z

I’m focusing on:

  • Pattern work
  • Sequencing
  • Runway Change
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Hello mate,
Here is Bullet 99 feedbacks…

Nice work out there!

✅ Taxi and give ways 👍🏻;
✅ T/O with direction to take;
✅ Clearance as #1 on first pattern;
⚠️ [19:39:33] Clearance without sequence before…was behind N224PE on left base so I should have received a "#2, traffic to follow is on xx (left base in. this case);
✅ Pattern entry on r/w change;
✅ Clearance with new direction after option;
✅ [19:45:44] Excellent pattern entry with sequence on r/w change 👌🏻;
✅ Clearance with new direction to take;
✅ Frequency change on departure;
⚠️ [19:48:19] Transition was way too high at 4000’. A simple formula to find your transition is Airport elevation + 2500’ = x then round up x to the nearest 500’;
In this case: 233’ + 2500’ = 2733’ = 3000’
⚠️ [19:53:05] Cleared for option instead of landing, no biggie;
⚠️ [19:55:40] Here I was trying to practice you for a go around… You had no one departing or arriving on L so you were able to switch me runways, but usually, just issue a go around in those situation of broken separation on final…
✅ Exit speed a bit low but I know we were 2 at the same time…usually 70-90 KT

Very nice session…your points of focus were alright on my end. Good sequencing and no issue on my runway changes 👍🏻👍🏻

I think we will see you soon in the family! Keep up the good work!

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Feedback (N224PE):

  • The 737 requested crossing for the wrong runway (36R but meant 36L) and you cleared for the wrong runway. Not a big deal, just try to always make sure whether the request actually makes sense.

    If you do a mistake like this, I would just use the correction command.

  • I didn’t receive a sequence after my takeoff (Bullet 99 was on final 36L). @J-F_V already mentioned this as well.

  • My runway exit instruction was quite late (I was already turning off the runway). Always watch whether an aircraft goes for a landing and aim for ~ 80 kts to issue the command. (I myself am very slow with exits as well, don’t worry about it…)

Aside from that, everything was very good on my side! Keep it up! 🙂

Yes, I was trying to provoke it as well by going for a landing… 😄

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Was a bit fast…too obvious from me sorry 😂

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Hi Bullet99,

First of all, thank you for being here today.

I take note of your comments.

  • Regarding the 19:39:33, Isn’t the fact that I gave you the option clearance with the correct sequence overtake the missing sequence? You were barely turning in downwind.
  • For the transition, thank you for the tip, I’ll apply it.
  • For the Go Around, I completely get it and would have done it, but I wanted to try the new sequence on final (4-5NM) with the parallel runway and see if it is a possible outcome. As no one likes to GA.

Thank you again, and looking forward to be IFATC.



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I walked right into that one, didn’t I?

But very good to see and to be careful about for the next session.

This sequence thing is something I don’t get to be honest. I did give you the option/landing clearance quite early, to both of you, and to me, it counts as sequencing. Doesn’t it? Or should I always give the sequence after take-off and then clear the aircraft with the sequence again? isn’t that a bit redundant?

I will look closer at the exit command for my next runs.

Thank you again.


Hello Zouritte,

For 19:39:33…the answer is:

No…a pilot always need to know:

1- Where to go (pattern entry, direction after T/O or option)
2- When to go (this is the sequence)…we were only 2 planes so it was easy to know my untold sequence but in a crowded airspace this would have been messy without sequence)…always needed…
3- If he can lands (clearance)

As soon as he is not #1, he needs a sequence.

But yes, it is a good thing your clearance was as #2… but not enough 😉


Sometimes, you will have to re-sequence an already cleared aircraft


All understood!

Thank you!

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You are so welcome!

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