ZORRO 03: RAF South Atlantic Patrol

ZORRO 03: South Atlantic Patrol

A C130J from the Royal Air Force operating out of RAF Mount Pleasant (Falkland Islands) carrying out a long range patrol mission to the South Georgia Islands and returning to Stanley airfield to carry out circuit (missed approach) training before low level back to RAF Mount Pleasant.

**2) EGYP - EGYP (RAF Mount Pleasant - RAF Mount Pleasant)

Flight time: 5H21mins

  1. Lifting from RAF Mount Pleasant

  2. leaving the Falklands behind:

  3. entering a 500ft low level patrol around the South Georgia Islands after a near two hour flight to reach here:

4,5,6,7) Patrolling the area:

  1. Missed Approach at Stanley Airfield after a 2 hour flight back to the Falkland Islands:

  2. low level back to Mount Pleasant:

Thanks for looking at these! Iā€™d really recommend everyone try this patrol at some point, beautiful flight and beautiful scenery.

Thanks all!