zooroo_fpv’s ATC Tracking Thread- [Closed] @ KCRP

Howdy there pilots, welcome to my first tracking thread!

Lil bit about myself, I’m an aviation modeler from the sparkling city of Corpus Christi, Texas who’s been rockin the RC lingo since 14 years ago. Currently based in Brisbane, Australia for UAS development, I’ve also developed my passion for full-scale & commercial aviation by picking up some flight sims and plane spotting at YBBN (unfortunately there ain’t much traffic coming into KCRP other than a few regular ones from 2 Dallas airports and 2 Houston airports, so I didn’t spot at KCRP).

Missing my hometown on the Coastal Bend, I’m more than fond to conduct an ATC venture at KCRP today!
Y’all are welcome to come by and say hi!

KCRP wiki: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corpus_Christi_International_Airport

Server: Training

ATC for APPR/DEP: needed, please only join if you have experience of all procedures. DM me before attending.

Time: current

-Please stay true and professional and contact appropriate ATC at all times. Trolling is strictly prohibited.
-Aircraft size restriction in effect: No aircraft larger than Class D (MD-11, B767, DC-10, etc) allowed at airport.
-Please refer to appropriate approach/departure charts (https://skyvector.com/airport/CRP/Corpus-Christi-International-Airport) for approaching and departing airfield. APPR/DEP ATC may not be present.
-Active Runways: RWY18 (GA, turboprop and Regional jets only), RWY13 (all other aircraft).
-Pattern work allowed
-Straight Out departure only
-Have Texas Sized Fun!

KCRP METAR: KCRP 062351Z 14014G20KT 10SM FEW024 FEW032 FEW120 SCT200 BKN250 32/24 A2986 RMK AO2 SLP111 CB DSNT W-NW MOV W T03170244 10356 20317 58005

Misc. Rules:
-Only request pushback after filing a FPL
-Only request takeoff when first in line
-DO NOT taxi through non-taxiways and grass
-Departure Transition Altitude: FL050, please do not contact tower when higher than this flight level (for straight out departures only)
-Pattern Transition Altitude: FL015.

See y’all there!

Sources: wikipedia.com and skyvectors.com

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Come by now, I’m open!

I have my IFATC test right now, if your still open when I’m done I’ll come and do some patterns ;)

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Please come by!

@Wyattwins please read tracking thread instructions. Boeing 757 should use RWY13 not RWY18 as it’s too short.

I’m here at the gate waiting for you to clear my pushback

My feedback,

  • on ground control you were a bit late and a bit confusing with your ground control. I’m sure it was a honest mistake haha

  • unable pattern work? I thought tracking threads were meant for people to learn their ATC skills and let pilots do patterns… I guess not in your post above it says pattern work allowed 🤨

I didn’t deny your pattern work

You said “Unable Pattern Work” fly runway heading until at or above 5000 😐
I was N56RT the A318

Sorry I will have that fixed

Would you like to give it another try?

Howdy folks! KCRP is open now.

Closed per request by OP