Zoomy Zoomy in an A10

A10 flight from KFAT-KMMH and back. Somebody was doing their IFATC test I think at KFAT so I had controllers taking off! I had 42 minutes of flight time total. It was pretty windy in KMMH so I didn’t do my best landing but I sure tried. Now, to the photos!

Also this is my first topic of this sort so let me know what I can do better or change!


Why do the photos have a dark square in the corner?

Also when I uploaded the photos they went out of order so it looks wierd.

It’s a bug in IF’s replay system, we don’t know if it’s going to be fixed or not.

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Petition to add BRRRT

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Looking groovy brrttt brtttttt

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Good shots


I spy with my little eye an black box in the corner

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Yep how’d you know?

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