Zooming over the Atlantic in a 777

On my way up from Miami to Heathrow last night, I was hitting ground speeds of well over 600 knots. A typical 9 hour flight was cut down to 7 hours and 30 minutes of flight time, it’s incredible how wind can drastically affect how fast or slow you arrive to your destination! TS ETA gave me tailwinds of well over 100 knots and I made it from Miami to NY in under 2 hours. Take a look at the winds!


Looks like you were caught in the middle of the remains of Hurricane Eta

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The funny part is that I had it set at 0.84 the entire time.


Ah. That happens when your have a strong tailwind

No, it’s because of the speed he had set before the switch to mach. Updating the SPD by going one down one up would make him fly at 0.84 regardless of winds.

It’s a problem (not much of an issue) coming from IF not winds.


Aw nice winds. I wish I experienced that from Heathrow to LAX last night.

That’ll never happen. That will always be a headwind over the Atlantic because of the jetstream going west-east.


Oh thanks for educating me on that.

Great use of low pressure systems, although I bet it was very bumpy!

Yes very, moderate chop, pax would of had that stomach drop feeling but otherwise a great flight.

I’m personally a fan of that feeling, but many aren’t and will just scream their lungs out inside an enclosed cylinder


I hit over 667 knts GS once over the pacific lol, severe turbulence though. (667 knts is 343 m/s)

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