Zooming in the free cam?

So far I actually don’t know how to zoom in the free cam. When I try to zoom with to fingers it actually moves the camera around but doesn’t zom in. Is there maybe another way of zooming in the free cam.

You don’t pinch the screen in, from side to side, you have to do it up/down in the middle. And @Zach_inkling no. Just no


There is multiple ways to zoom in and out with the free cam.

What I do, is I calibrate my screen, then I hold down on the right side of the camera, and then I tilt my device forward to zoom in, and tilt my device backwards to zoom out.


Umm, I think you need to learn which categories are for what! Take a look, it’ll help you out.


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Simple, if you pinch in and out to the right side of your screen in free mode, it will zoom in/out. And to move the camera or pan it use fingers on the left side of the screen. Atleast that’s how it is on my device. I hope this helps! :)

Thank’s it work’s

TIL whaaaaaa, did not know that was possible.


Haha, I believe that feature has been around since the 19.1 update. It’s really useful for smooth zoom in’s, and zooming in and out while moving the free cam.


Oh! So that’s how people get nice smooth transitions in IF movies! Thanks mate! You just uncovered my biggest problem 🙌👍


Didn’t knew that! I guess i will never use double-tap now

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Double tap seems quite useless. It always pans to one specific aircraft and normally not the one you want

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Next time, don’t jump to conclusions and pick out issues. Think before you post.

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