Zoom Is Now Worth More Than American, Delta, United, & Southwest Combined

Crazy times.


While you’re quarantined at home, you’re likely continuing school with online classes. Some of you have likely heard of or are using Zoom, the video conferencing platform.

Since so many more people are now using Zoom, its market cap has increased drastically. At the same time, airlines have fallen significantly due to plummeting air travel demand.

From the latest data, Zoom has a market cap of $46 billion.

Zoom’s market cap is now higher than the four largest U.S. airlines (American, Delta, United, Southwest) combined.

Data from @ScottMAustin

To top it off, Zoom’s revenue in 2019 was $622 million…

…while the four airlines’ combined revenue in 2019 was $158 billion.

As this crisis continues, I’d expect Zoom to grow a bit more, or remain in flux as it has been in the past few weeks. However, airlines’ market cap will likely continue to downsize a bit more, or remain static.


Oh my god.


I’m no investor, but as soon as this is over, maybe before zooms stock is about to absolutely die, but noted I guess, if there’s ever a new disease discovered that has even the smallest possibility of becoming a pandemic drop your airline investments, and put a few in online work stuff…


The sound of zoom’s worth going up over the past few months:


The sound of the airline industry:



This is really sad :(

We all failed in buying stocks in Zoom… Though when the economy reopens I’m going buy into aviation it’s going blow up again.


Thanks for making me unable to sleep tonight…

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It’s always temporary. I’d think if it was possible to buy airline stocks, now would be the right time. In 5 yrs the industry would have recovered very well. The IT companies though won’t go out that easy as having more users have brought to it more permanent clients.

I’m not a guru in economics though 😕


So the company selling data off to Facebook is now worth more than the big four… combined. Don’t like that

Well, that’s great. Umm, i think I will help them out, I won’t go to class anymore.


Good luck airlines!

My school doesn’t even use zoom. We use Microsoft Teams

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How’d that happen??

My geography teacher really wants us to use Zoom, but all the students refuse.

This is really interesting, thanks for posting!

WWELLL When everyone uses one service and no one uses the other service, thing’s are going be higher


i can’t-

I guess people who invested in zoom are officially millionaires now.

jk idk anything about the market don’t bully me pls


Zoom at the moment while the airline industry is crumbling:

That’s pretty unfortunate for all the investors in the airlines but this is a really unique situation which the world hasn’t seen before. I can’t believe the worth of these massive American airlines just plummeted. I do hope that this situation is able to recover, but it’s going to take time.

Source of the “Stonks” photo

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Well, if you invested enough (and I mean like really much) this might be the case, you never know.

Also this just shows how the markets work very well. Airline stocks drop extremely recently with the lack of demand, while online teaching is the new market to get into and this shows in the numbers now.

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The only company that’s currently getting somewhat sufficient revenue… you hate to see it 😔

We use teams not zoom so im helping out the airlines.

Toilet paper, hand sanitizers, etc.