Zoom Air CRJ-200 (Hidden in the dark)

Everyone actually weren’t quite aware of the fact that Zoom Air also existed within the Indian Market.

Hub:Indran Ghandhi International Airport
Aircraft:CRJ200ER(though it’s ER but I believe can be added to CRJ-200 liveries.)

History of Zoom Air:Zoom Air was established in April 2013 by Surender Kumar Kaushik as Zexus Air and the Indian civil aviation ministry issued it a No Objection Certificate in 2014.[2] In September 2016, the airline took delivery of its first aircraft, a Bombardier CRJ200.[3] Zoom Air received its air operator’s certificate on 3 February 2017 and began operations on 15 February with a flight from Delhi to Durgapurvia Kolkata.[4]

Why this Aircraft & Airline:
I personally like the combination of the Red and gold with the Bold Z separating them . Moreover it’s the first & the only airline in India to operate the CRJ-200.

Picture Credits: 📸Planespotters

P.s: It’s actually not very common among the aviators

I’ve seen one of them at Delhi

That livery does look good! But! We need to remind ourselves that FDS can’t add everything in the whole world and make a ton of people happy at the same time! It will be added eventually but I believe FDS’s focus at the moment is not on the CRJ but on the next aircraft reworks


I was thinking of requesting it, thanks for creating it. Casting my vote to get this to IF.

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