Zone Restrictions in Global

Yes,but we don’t care…we think positive 😜

And again, the option to have this on or off is a possibility

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I added more possibilities to the post including aircraft restrictions or not earning as much XP for entering specific areas.

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You do know that the NOTAMs are usually advisories not restrictions

You do know if this is added it would mean that som IFC members would not be able to fly to their local airports which would be unfair considering a member in the USA paid the same price to buy the app as a member in Iraq


Also @anon31652286 different countries have different rules. By UK law, only 2 areas are fully prohibited from flying into- Iraq and Syria. See this for more info:

The US have a No-Fly zone over North Korea. The UK don’t. Does that mean a UK pilot is not allowed to fly there because US rules are implemented.

More to the point- This is a Flight-Sim, not a Real world conflict sim. All other flight sims have no restrictions on where you can fly. Why should IF be any different? You can follow those if you wish.


True dat m8

Even if there were zone restrictions…why do we see this everyday?

Yes one is going to Kenya and another to Iraq. I don’t think it would be a good idea to add no fly zones seeing that airlines fly to these countries.


Kenya is only an advisory, and that’s only for the NE of the country.

I’m taking BA65 next year hopefully ;)


Nice to hear that. Hope that you enjoy your visit😀

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I want to fly Air Force 1 VC-25 to Pyongyang so please no.


What about these? ATC could determine if they are “hot” or "cold"

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I wouldn’t like that the app itself penalizes people for flying over restricted areas, as this would hamper somehow the experience of being able to fly globally. IMHO, it’s up to each player whether his / her flight planning follows strict real life criteria.

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Ohh, so now you care about realism… @mbmhwue148

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Let’s bury this argument :)

Btw I don’t think why there would be a need of no fly zones though


Global Flight

that is all I’m going to say.


Global is global. What’s the fun of having areas with no fly zones? I’m flying Kim Jong Un from North Korea to Russia when Global comes ;)


Also, most people will be flight planning off real world routes - these don’t disturb any “zones.”

I request no mind be paid to this feature request.

It’s a sim game, guys. Seriously.


It would be cool to be able to see where there no fly zones are in real life but I don’t think you should be punished for flying through them unless instructed by ATC. In short, put them on the map but don’t give them any real authority