ZMUB Airport

I just had a problem with the airport ZMUB in Mongolia

It had a runway elevation of about 4,300ft and a runway length of around 10,000 ft so I assumed that I would be okay to land there. 12 hours later on final, the airport appeared to be on a tall hill (which is usually fine) However the closer I got to landing, the hill began to take over and the airport appeared to be ‘inside’ the mountain. This led to me just hitting the hill and crashing.

I was wondering if anyone else had an issue like this if they have ever flown here.

Thanks everyone :)

If you were landing on 32, then there’s the issue.
After reviewing ZMUB charts, 32 is not used, only 14 even if there’s a tailwind.


It looks like that, but actually you see through the hill. So it looks like you are approaching the airport/runway but farther away than it looks like.
Take a plane and spawn in approach for rw 32. Climb a bit and you will see what I mean.


Ohhh, Thanks for this that will explain it

I see, so if I climbed higher the airport would be over the hill. I didn’t know that so I just thought that the airport was on the hill

Probably yes, but probably you will have to dive as well to land properly.
Regarding @Panther 32 is not used for landing, so that make a lot of sense why.

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Yeah, Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it :)

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