ZJSY no heavy gates

I just wanted to fly ZJSY to ZSPD in the A350 and unfortunately can’t as there are is nowhere to park a heavy. Even the remote stands are size restricted.
Can this be added to the next airport edit?

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Known issue regarding gate restrictions on every airport and will be fixed in a later patch. Plus, if you want some airport feature to be changed, it’s your best bet to join the IFAET since their members don’t take requests unless they really want to.

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Do you mean every airport will be fixed or just the ones the edit team choose to? I’m not sure I understand.

I’m unsure, probably both. Airport gates have eben heavily restricted since the last update so it’s likely a glitch that restricted the gates.

Read this


That’s the relevant quote from the post kindly linked by @Alphadog4646:

The 19.4 release changed the size logic that applies to aircraft when spawning. The development team is aware of this and are working on a solution in a future release.


I see, wasn’t aware it was a glitch, thanks

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