Zipper Method - BIKF Approach

Link: Zipper Method at BIKF - YouTube

Heyy IFC, i hope all are doing good and enjoying your time in Infinite Flight. As you all might have seen me doing ATC, i like serving pilots with good service.

For this episode we move on to BIKF Approach where i used Zipper method. There were 25kts headwinds on final and so you could see the drastic change of the aircraft’s speeds from downwind to final.

I will show 2 scenarios from the timelapse I posted on IFATCEG YouTube channel. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Scenario - 1

  • Here in the above screenshot you could see there are two planes on parallel base i.e. IceAir 451, IceAir 559.
  • The scenario happened such that IceAir 559 was following IceAir 757.
  • IceAir 559 and IceAir 757 were having 1000 feet seperation but were only having 3nm so i turned Iceair 757 base and let Iceair 559 extend a little.
  • But meanwhile IceAir 451 came near base, so i turned IceAir 451 a little early to create a parallel base for both IceAir 757 and IceAir 559.

Scenario - 2

  • Here in the initial scenario, i wanted to sequence B-KUO after Nor Shuttle 1705, followed by IceAir 688, followed by the two aircrafts on left downwind.
  • B-KUO was not following instructions due to some connection issue and it made me report B-KUO.

Now the scenario looks something like the below image.

  • So after reporting B-KUO what i did is, i did not sequence IceAir 688 after Nor Shuttle 1705.
  • Instead because vertical seperation was there i turned IceAir 752 to base.
  • Then i sequenced IceAir 688 behind IceAir 752 and following both was HL-1117 shown in the below image.

This whole timelapse is available on IFATCEG YouTube channel. You can go and watch it out there. I hope you like it and will learn something from it.

Link: Zipper Method at BIKF - YouTube


That’s really cool. I never knew about this method of approach. Thanks for teaching me something new!

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Nice job Mervin!

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Wow great 😊🛫

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I remember this flight very well. I’m not in the timelapse but I had to go around twice xD Very good ATC service on that day.
Thank you guys!

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Wow cool!👍 My network was weird😔 Thank you for always good control!