ZIPAIR Tokyo Considering Flights To Portland & Honolulu


(ZIPAIR’s 787-8 in its disappointing livery 😞 - Image by @traicycom on Twitter)

ZIPAIR Tokyo is considering Tokyo to United States flights - with Portland and Honolulu as its best candidates.

ZIPAIR Tokyo is Japan Airlines’ brand-new low-cost wholly-owned subsidiary.

  • The airline was founded earlier this year and expects to launch flights from its base in Tokyo Narita to Bangkok and Seoul in 2020.
  • From there, the airline expects to operate 2 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners and launch flights to the United States by 2021.

Now, the airline has selected both Honlulu (HNL) and Portland, Oregon (PDX) as its likely choices for U.S. service.

  • Japan to Honolulu is very well-served by airlines like Hawaiian Air, Japan Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, All Nippon Airways, and more.
  • Portland currently has direct flights to Tokyo Narita on Delta Air Lines but will soon be switched to the larger Tokyo Haneda Airport.
  • ZIPAIR will likely launch flights to Portland out of Tokyo Narita and indirectly compete with Delta on the Portland route.

Source (In Japanese):系lccジップエア、米国線は「ホノルルとポートランド」が最有力/ar-BBX8NWu?ocid=se

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think they’ll fly to Portland and Honlulu?


They should fly to Anchorage


If their prices are pretty good (which they should be as they’re a low-cost carrier), they should be able to add flights to many more destinations rather than just Portland and Honolulu. Another small-ish market that they should be able to fit into well is San Jose, which is among the largest markets Japan Airlines does not serve. They’d be competing with All Nippon Airways, but if their base is Narita, they will likely fly there, so it’s not a direct competition.


YES! Let’s get them to fly to SJC! 😃

As a Portland local, it would definitely be exciting to see a 787 that serves PDX. Not sure about ZIPAIR’s business model, but I am curious to see how things pan out.

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That is an UGLY livery


Yes! Im not the only one!



It does seem like they didn’t put any effort into it. Just dreaming but maybe they’ll consider flying to GJT once the switch to an international airport is complete.


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