Zion89’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @

Hello IFC! This will be my tracking thread where I can practice tower and ground! I have joined IFATC in Training to help me along this wonderful process of joining IFATC! All feedback and advice is greatly appreciated! See you in the sky!
Display Name: IFC zion89

Status: Open

Server: Training

Airport: KFAT

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Virtual ATIS: N/A


Great thread!! I will come to your first opening if I can!

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I am Open come by and do some patternwork

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coming in 5

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Sorry Cant come tonight busy with HW and ATC review.

ok thank you

I’ll stop by!

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i will be leaving in 6 minutes

Plans changed sorry I can not come


Hey there!

Ok so, first impression

  • You forgot to give make left/right traffic when you gave me clearance to takeoff. I said that I was remaining in the pattern

  • No need to give me a frequency change approve since I was remaining in the pattern.

I suggest you having a look at this



You can tag me next time!


I’ll be there in a minute

I was playing on iPhone and my hands are too big, plus my phone is cracked and it glitches a lot. Next time when you fly I will get it correct.


Make sure you change your title to closed when not open

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