Zion89’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EDDB


This is my ATC Tracking Thread, through this thread I’ll open some airports around the world in order to pass the practical exam,

  • Fly Professionally
  • Avoid Trolling and Spam
  • When taking off to do pattern work, use “remaining in the pattern”
  • Avoid doing such test as “entering the RWY without permission”, runway invasion, and other things. These are annoying.
  • Give your feedback respectfully, and most al all: In a HONEST manner. There may be some issues so I can correct them.

Airport: EDDB

Runways: 25L 25R

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

¿What should I be tested on?:

Pushback conflict - Give way conflict on ground


Upwind conflict

Runway change - Re-Sequence

Exit runway command with additions such as Turn Right/Left, cross runway, hold short, etc…

Date and Hour:

Can anyone come to my airport and fly patterns Please.

Hey! I’ll stop by for an inbound and a pattern or two :)

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Okay see you there

I am inbound Zion!!

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Thx @A320_Flyerboy19

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Feedback is appreciated

Feedback (F-COOP):

03:27:42 - You cleared me for the option, but since I’m inbound, I need a pattern direction. Since your pattern was left traffic, the right clearance would be “F-COOP, number 1 cleared for the option, runway 25. After the option, make left traffic”.

03:29:41 - You told YA-ABC to enter left downwind, since he took off from the airport you’re controlling, he doesn’t need a pattern entry. Since he’s in the pattern already, all that he needs is a sequence (which you did) so great job on that!

03:34:50 - You told me to enter left downwind, that was not needed since I’m already in the pattern. I only need a sequence that was provided, so good job on that!

03:36:24 - Since I had reported my position as a full stop, you did not need to clear me for the option. In that situation, since you know I’ll be a full stop landing, you can clear me for the landing instead of the option.

-I forgot the timestamp, but your exit runway command was a bit late. It should be issued at around a speed of 70 knots ground speed, and it was issued at 55 knots ground speed.

Overall, you did pretty well! Just remember the following things:

-For a touch and go inbound, you should always give a pattern direction with your clearance.

-Pattern entries are only needed for inbounds and runway changes, not for patterns. All that you need to do in a pattern is sequence.


Thank you for feedback

Feedback (YA-ABC)

  • You do not need to give me a pattern entry when I depart. The "make left traffic in the takeoff clearance is all I need to know which way to go.
  • Good runway exit timing

and @Cooper took the rest of my feedback.

ding me the next time you open and I’ll try to make it!

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Thank you for feedback guys appreciate it.

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No problem, feel free to tag me the next time you open and if I’m available I’ll help out!

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Everyone come and do patterns

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Feedback is appreciated

Hello there, I was flying the Cessna 208 Caravan (CF-ASH), Expect Feedback VIA Direct Message Soon.

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Come everyone and do patterns

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@jhosoyag here

Sorry my game crashed

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No worries

That was super excellent for my second round of patterns. Everything was spot on!

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