Zimbabwe Airways 777-200ER

I think the Zimbabwe Airways 777-200ER would be very interesting for people who want to do Europe to Africa flights. Anyways, here’s a picture of the plane.




A nice livery, Zimbabwe Air should be add in 20.1, but I’m out.

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Alright, thanks!

Your welcome:)

Hello, this ain’t really necessary what I’m about to say but it can be handy.

It sure looks like a nice livery and aircraft, but to make this feature request more interesting if you put in more details

What is Zimbabwe Airways
What routes does the aircraft operate
Why should we have it in Infinite Flight
Why should I vote for this?

As I said, these are not necessary, but it can give more votes.
Enjoy your day😊


Alright, I’ll do that when I’ll be back home.

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Yes! That would be amazing! My family roots are from Harare, Zimbabwe!

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Nice! Zimbabwe’s a really nice country with Victoria Falls and all of that.


It sure is! We went to the mountains near Mozambique when I went!

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Nice. Have a nice day.

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Pretty beautiful livery, hopefully it’s not to late to see this added to the livery:)

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Hopefully not 🙂

I think this would be a nice new and different thing to see, you got my vote

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Thank you so much 😃

That’s a great livery! I wish I could vote but I’m out of votes. 😞

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Thanks anyways 🙂

This livery is indeed very nice. Here is another picture.

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We definity need this livery for 20.1 it looks extermly cool

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Isn’t that just part of the A/C type? Not sure that is necessary in a livery request. I know you said it isn’t necessary, but I think all of that, other than what I just mentioned, basically is necessary to convince anyone. Of course, you don’t have to, but I think it is essentual for a good request.

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I definitely agree with you.