Zhukovsky Airport non-existent?

I was looking to fly out of the Russian capital’s newest airport, Zhukovsky Intl, built on the existing Ramenskoye airport and opened in 2016. However, I have encountered an issue; it doesn’t seem to exist. Searching up UUBW yielded no results, and looking on the map didn’t show any airport in that location.

How is one of the major Moscow airports, open for four years, absent from Infinite Flight?


That is the work of the IFAET (Airport Editing), most do not take requests but will do it when they like. If an editor wants to do it they will, if you want you can join IFAET and do it yourself

Hello! After checking for the airport I found that it is currently being worked on. Since it’s a large airport it’s going to take a bit.

Yep a lot of major airports are missing from Russia, China and Turkey

Alright, thank you. Surprising to say the least, but it’s good to know it’s being worked on.