Zhuhai airshow 2018

Link for my playlist for the Zhuhai Airshow 2018

Zhuhai Airshow— started from year 1998. The theme of the Airshow is to showing the aviation industry development in China. The Airshow held once per two years, every two years is going to be a small scale show, for example, Chinese airplanes show off, as well some Pakistan’s Air Force perform their show here. Every four years, there will be many countries join in to this air show, for example, Russia, UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ukraine, Brazil, etc. Started from last 4 years, this show has become a event that shows the Chinese Defence strategy weapons, both ground weapon such as Tabk, artillery, as well as in the Air, for example the Chinese Air Force, J-10B/C, J-11, J-15, J-20, Y-20, H-6 Bomber, etc. Each year, there are going to have more than 200 aviation industry manufacturers and companies come to Zhuhai and show their products to public, include, Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, UAC (Russia), Sukhoi (Russia), Antonov (Russia / Ukraine), Embraer, Cessna, etc. The performance building devided into many parts, including there is a place for Flight Simulator area where all people can try. (Hope Infinite Flight can be here in the future). There are place for showing structure of an airplane engine, both jet and propellers. Zhuhai Airshow is one of the most interesting and meaningful air show in China, many people from China, Hong Kong and Macau come here to watch this event. Since the new bridge open 2 weeks ago, the distance from Hong Kong to Zhuhai is getting shorter. It only need to take around 2 hours in total.


You don’t want to give more details about the air show?


Hey! That’s pretty cool, but I would recommend telling ya more about the airshow. (Eg: history, date, place, etc.) What is your opinion on this?


There are some show this afternoon, so I will back to stream.

Yea I will take that

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Got more videos coming in, please check out!!!


This was in 2016

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