ZEROe Airbus flights in infinite flight in future

Will the ZEROe flights come to Infinite Flight in future I know it’s not confirmed it will come in the future but will it come to infinite flight when they come to service


Hello, this needs to be in #real-world-aviation and you need to be at least TL2 to post it.

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Ok thanks @GDS111006 i didn’t know that

Hey there,

Airbus’ ZEROe project is most certainly a cool one and will be a big step towards the improvement of sustainability of the aviation industry. It will definitely be interesting to see these aircraft in the virtual skies once they become a thing in real life, too.

Unfortunately, there is no feature request on the IFC for the ZEROe family of aircraft at this time. To add to that, you haven’t reached the Trust Level required to post in the #features category - you are TL1 and you need to be TL2. Keep posting, commenting and generally being involved in forum discussions and you’ll be there in no time!

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Infinite Flight is constantly working on the fleet available on the sim. I’m sure when these aircraft become operational and there is enough publicly available data to produce a high quality version, it will be considered for a future update. However, this is many years away as even after the aircraft is operation in the real world, it can take a few years for enough information regarding flight physics and performance to be made available. Hopefully at some point, these aircraft will be added!

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