Zero visibility

I flew many times on to the airport with the red mark (zero visibility) but weird were during approaching till touch down, visibility always perfect but when entering the taxi way then visibility is poor. Always happened to me since the general update!


This happens to me as well, I’m not sure what causes this 🤔

Unfortunately it’s a glitch within the app. Hopefully will be fixed again in a future update!


So i’m not the only one…

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Yeah, you are not the only one! 👍

Its been going on for quite some time now. I wonder if they re actually doing something to fix it

It is being investigated and looked into by the devs. With the development of clouds, the fog issue will be looked into to try and rectify it.

This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future update - there isnt a timeline of when it will be completed though.


Some #support topics for information about the same issue (which is known as said above):

I’ve only been on IF for several months so I have always seen this. But all the complaints date from 2019, so before that was this not an issue?

Until a few months ago we did have fog but yeah something happened and now we don’t. Im sure they are working on fixing it. Until then hit the autoland and close your eyes. It’s kinda the same

True, before the latest update we had it but after that, it’s gone.

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It’s happened to me as well. Hopefully infinite flight fix this

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